Friday, June 3, 2016

Full of Grace

Better late than never . . .

  • Finally deciding on deck furniture so I no longer have to be dragged around shopping. Ironically we bought stuff from the very first store we went to but never saw this particular set.  We have to wait 3 weeks for delivery but then I will post some pictures.
  • The kitchen part of the deck is still not finished because we can’t decide on a counter top. This has given me a nice long break from construction which frankly has worn me out.
  • We got this propane fire pit (at a ridiculously low price at a scratch and dent) so I can roast marshmallows without the bother of building a fire. Lazy? Absolutely.

  • Survived moving Beaner into her attic apartment in sweltering heat. But it was worth it when I overheard her roommate say “your parents are awesome” and Beaner responded, “I know.”  I guess we’re not as embarrassing to her as we were when she was a teenager.
  • The May Healthier Eating Challenge was a success for me in that I have stopped eating junk food at work.  I find now since I don’t start eating sugar early, it's much easier to stay away from it throughout the day. A successful change of habit and I feel better too. How'd everyone else do?


  1. Looking forward to the big finish reveal.
    Breaks are good.
    Fire pit looks amazing. Ridiculous low price: double amazing.
    Glow. Yum.
    Congratulations! I have at least three servings of fruits and veggies every day. I have increased water consumption. I am pleased with the shift and endeavor to remain diligent.

    1. I am looking forward to the big finish too! This has been far too long of a project for my tired and achy body.

      Congrats on your healthy eating shift. Here's hoping our new habits last.

  2. I so enjoy these positive, upbeat posts!

    My biggest and most successful take away from the challenge was early food prep and to always carry some healthy food with me as I am rarely home for regular meals. I have not driven through a fast food restaurant since the challenge began and that alone has been wonderful. I have lost 8 pounds and hope to continue these better eating habits. Win!

    1. Good for you! I am lucky to be so close to work that I've always been able to come home for lunch. Packing healthy food would be quite the challenge. Congrats on your new healthier eating habit.

  3. Almost wrapping up that deck project. Whew! You have done an amazing job, 8. I think the propane fire pit will get some use... more so than the old one!
    Isn't it great when your kids figure out how great you are?!?

    1. I've already toasted many a marshmallow which is counterproductive to my reduced sugar habit. Just can't win.

      As much as I miss my little girls, there is something special about them being adults.

  4. AnonymousJune 06, 2016

    We just got a gas firepit too - but not at a real deal... It has been on the back porch for a month and we haven't used it once... We did hook the gas up last weekend...
    Now that graduations, orientations and enlistments are over, hopefully we can enjoy it soon.
    Water consumption has been good - I take a bottle with me to meetings and in the car. Go to the doc tomorrow to see the progress since last month. It is headed in the right direction. Sometimes hard to believe in slow and steady...