Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Full of Grace

  • Being invited to a Passover Seder. It’s been awhile since I had close Jewish people in my life and it was lovely to be reacquainted with this most holy holiday. Even though I still don’t understand most of the Hebrew, there is something very special and calming about listening to its rhythm and knowing that these same prayers have been sung and celebrated for thousands of years.
  • The Middle Girl who graciously gave me an education on the artist known as Prince. I apparently missed quite a talent there.
  • The peas are starting to pop up and I planted the first seedlings of lettuce. I would like to plant more because I get so excited about the whole thing, but we are having a week of very cold night time temperatures so I am trying to wait.
  • Getting most of the top on the deck, at least enough that the dog can use the house doors rather than having to go through the garage. I really enjoy building things, but I have to admit that this project is bigger and more time consuming than I first imagined.  But at least now most of the work is off my aching knees.  

  • All the time I have spent on this deck I have been thinking about my father who taught me had to build and fix and use tools. I was not even allowed to get my driver's license until I could change the oil and a tire in a car. At the time I thought he was frustrating and old fashioned. Once I became a home owner I really appreciated all the skills, not to mention the satisfaction of being self sufficient and the calm that comes when I get lost in working with my hands. So this week I am particularly grateful for my dad and all he taught me.


  1. While I am not religious, I do find some of the rituals and celebrations moving.


    ooo the bounty. :-)

    The deck is looking really good.

    Such a gift you were given. A dad who passed on and stressed living skills, priceless.

  2. Kudos to your father for teaching you these skills. I enjoy seeing pictures of the deck's progression. It is going to be a huge deck. When we had one installed in our house up north it really changed our experience of the house and yard.

  3. The deck is looking nice! That is great that you learned so much from your father. Mine was not handy with tools, so that is a great skill to learn.

  4. I was invited once to a Passover Seder and agree, it was very comforting. I loved listening to the Hebrew prayers.

    That deck looks great!

  5. My dad had the same benchmark for new drivers. Until he watched us put oil in the car and change a tire on our own, no keys. Great lessons.
    The deck looks fantastic. I'm sure there will be many wonderful gatherings there in the years to come.
    One of the doctors I work with was telling me about the seder he went to in Los Angeles. It sounded wonderful and reminded me so poignantly of my grandfather. Nice. I'm glad you reconnected with that tradition.
    Xoxox to you, 8.