Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Full of Grace

  • New York State Governor Cuomo placing a ban on official State travel to North Carolina because of their new discriminatory law.  Stating “in New York, we believe that all people - regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation - deserve the same rights and protections under the eyes of the law.”  Yeah, I do love my New York State values.
  • Taking a tour of my Town’s water treatment plant. I never knew how complicated the process was - dependent on weather and at what level the water is taken from the reservoir, and where you are on the water line, and a score of other factors. I am very grateful for the dedicated folks who keep my water safe.
  • Getting results back from genetic testing that showed of 22 markers for cancer mutations, all mine were negative.  
  • The police officer who helped when my dog got loose while out on a walk.  I knew my dog knew the way home but I live on a major, high traffic street and I was scared that she would get hit. The police officer parked in the middle of the street with his red lights flashing, and slowed all traffic until my dog got safely across.
  • Getting step #1 of the deck replacement -  relocating bushes - done before this happened.

Yeah, this might set me back a few days.


  1. That snow. Oh no.
    To protect, even our furry tribe. Yay officer.
    Woot. Woot. Few times to celebrate negative. Congratulations.
    Water, running clear and clean from our pipes not something to take for granted.
    NY NY NY ♥

  2. Oh how I miss living in NYS. Good for Cuomo.

  3. Glad your dog made it back safely... I can't believe the weather! I think that snow might slow things down a bit. Weird weather - mowed one week and back to the cold for a bit...

  4. I'm so grateful that your cancer markers are all negative. WHEW! You've had enough.
    Awesome police officer to help your dog cross the busy road. I hope that kind of thing is more common than the wretched stories on the news. I'm going to believe that.
    Water treatment plant... isn't it amazing how many things have to happen for things we take for granted?
    Sorry about the snow. I know I sound like a broken record, but we have BROKEN the weather.
    And, my state (and city) have also banned official travel to NC. Maybe New York and Oregon have similar values. :-)
    Thanks for the summary, 8!

  5. Glad about the cancer marker test too. It's brave to do that. And good news.
    Happy your pup is home safe and sound.
    I know you and you'll get the deck done. Just maybe not this week.
    I almost,almost moved to NC. It was close, when I was looking for cheapish housing. But I was afraid of this. I'm really sorry I was right to be afraid. So yay NYC & OR.
    After Flint, there's no way to not be awake about water. It's scary as hell. Still, that tour sounds interesting.

  6. NYS. NYS.