Saturday, January 16, 2016


One week with just my daughters.

Visiting friends in their ocean front condo.

Renting a convertible mustang just for the fun of it.

A few days in Miami Beach - sun, sand, palm trees, roof top pools, 
fruity drinks and Nutella crepes

A delicious Cuban meal in Little Havana, exploring the neighborhood, listening to Latin music,
watching the serious domino play at Domino Park and Nutella gelato.

A morning bike riding through the Everglades

A couple of days on Sanibel Island, sea shelling, solitary walks watching the sunrise
and sharing sunsets.

A quick trip to Downtown Disney for lunch, princess shopping and a traditional Mickey Bar
before heading to the airport.

One week with just my daughters on warm sandy beaches.

A perfect vacation.


  1. My, my that looks like great fun, great relaxation, great restoration, just . .

    Fantastic photos.

  2. Well! Could I be any happier reading and seeing this? NO! I know how rare these moments can be with adult kids. Awesome.

    Thinking of you💖 I'm in Colorado helping Janet with her sister's surgery. One day at a time 😊

    1. This will be the last year of college break vacations, so yes, this was particularly treasured.

      I am sorry to read of J's sister having surgery but hopeful that this means that J is feeling well enough to travel.

      All good thoughts and energy being sent.

  3. That's lovely.

    We used to go to Florida for vacation and Sanibel is a very special place for me. It's fun to see it mentioned.

    Glad you had fun with your girls.

    1. My father had the last 2 weeks of July off every year for vacation and we would often drive to Florida and spend time at Sanibel and the Everglades. I must say though that Florida in January is much nicer than Florida in July!

  4. One week with your daughters in a warm, beautiful paradise. How absolutely perfect is that?! This makes me so happy for you, 8!

    1. Pretty damned perfect : )

      Well, until the rude awakening of flying back through a storm with whiteout snow conditions and the scariest landing I've ever experienced.

      But all's well that ends well and the memories will all be of that warm, beautiful paradise.

  5. Oh you went to Sanibel! My husband and I love that island. You sure packed a lot of travel and adventure into this Florida vacation. It sounds like you had a great time. These happy memories with your children are so important.

  6. Sanibel has developed a lot since I used to go as a kid. But those shells still keep washing up and the sunrises and sunsets are still gorgeous. Such beautiful gifts.


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