Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Full of Grace

  • Going to a new cafe called Puzzles where their mission is to “improve the livelihood of individuals, families, and communities affected by autism spectrum disorders”.  Special needs folks cook and wait tables and make incredible tasting puzzle cookies like this. 

I am very grateful that there are people who create employment opportunities for folks who often have very few other chances.

  • Adele. Her music is helping Beaner get through her break up. And I much prefer Adele blasting through the house to the crass, hip hoppy, rap music Beaner usually listens to.

  • These are back in the stores!  They only make these special edition white cheddar cheese balls at Christmas (snow balls) and Easter (rabbit tails).  I have a very unhealthy relationship with them.

  • Stores that are closing on Black Friday and asking folks to go outside.  And many places are waiving all park fees to encourage just that. I, myself, will be out hiking off the annual overindulgence of mashed potatoes and rolls.
Leftovers suitable for taking backpacking

  • And a very special note of gratitude to all those who work on holidays, not in the interest of consumerism, but in the interest of humanity.  Public safety and health workers, here’s to you and all you do and all you give up, to help and protect the rest of us.


  1. Adele has been making time in my speakers too.

    And for the rest, YES!

  2. I woke up this morning anticipating this post - I couldn't wait to get to work and read it. LOVE that Beaner is blasting Adele and I'm so happy you're going to be getting outside on Friday! We always go to friends on Thursday, so I don't cook until Friday, so I'll be happily cooking up a storm and most definitely avoiding the crowds. Happy Thanksgiving my friend - I'm so grateful for your bright spot on the web.

  3. I thought of you this morning, 8, since we are having snow in the Cascades right now. They are showing snow in Government Camp and at Timberline Lodge and my first thought was how much you would like that. :-)
    I'm thankful that you are my friend.

    1. I am soooo jealous. We had one small dusting of snow. Friday its supposed to be 60 degrees. I will be hiking in shorts. At the end of November. There is something so very wrong with that.

      I am thankful that you are my friend too.

  4. Here, here! Yes, indeed! Agreed!

  5. The kid's selection of music always intrigues me - I asked one to put some songs on my ipod - and when I was at the gym I was like who put this on there - and then just started laughing. I asked for it...
    Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  6. Hi 8, I love success stories like this.

    Happy give-thanks day. I know you will xo