Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Full of Grace

This time of year I am especially grateful for the change of seasons as it signals a change into snuggly clothes and comfort food.  

- But our weather has been abnormally mild (although I expect we will pay for this later) and I am still wearing shorts in mid-November!  

- Still, the nights cool down quickly and we are making the transition from fruit and salads to cold weather food - Sunday football pizza and wings, mashed potatoes, crock pot anything and Martha’s homemade apple pie, a'la mode, of course.

- That the monster cat we acquired due to the breakup, is slowly but surely acclimating to his new home and furry housemates.  They are not all exactly friendly yet but they are not killing each other either.  It is making our home life much more pleasant that he is not confined to the basement.

- That my sister has returned safely from her travels abroad.

- That this brochure was prominently displayed at my OBGYN.  

When Martha and I wanted children, we had very limited options, we could only find one doctor willing to help us, we had to jump through a kazillion hoops to satisfy his protocol as his first lesbian patients, and totally emptied our savings accounts to pay for it.   I am both amazed and extremely grateful at how fast the world has changed and accepted all kinds of families.  


  1. I fear as you do we will pay for the mild weather... time will tell!

    I love when we see same sex couples in commercials on tv. We have come a long way!

  2. The world is definitely changing, and in many ways for the better.


  3. These are all wonderful things...have you ever tried apple pie with a big chunk of cheddar cheese on the side? Delicious!

  4. So much right with that poster. Happy to see many things chenge for the better.

    Apple pie. Yum.

  5. You know what I've noticed? A TON of commercials that now feature interracial and gay couples. I find this heartening and it WORKS. I take note of the product and buy it to reward their gutsy (savvy?) marketing.