Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Full of Grace

  • That I live in a place that looks like this in Autumn.

  • And we’ve had perfect, crisp clear weather that makes it delightful to be outside and marvel at it.

  • That our new step-cat (acquired because of the break-up) is starting to warm up to his new home, currently in the basement.   He is a very large, young, male, black cat who had been swiping and hissing at me.  Now he purrs and plays and cuddles.  Next step - trying to introduce him to the dog and cat upstairs without causing the 15 year old, tiny female fur ball to have a heart attack.

  • That Beaner’s college friends came from far and wide to boost her spirits this weekend.  It’s probably one of my greatest comforts to know that my daughters have great friends and a solid support system that will serve them well as they continue to find their own way.

  • That Beaner’s friends finally left.  I really love these young women as my own daughters, but a very small house, lots of liquor and commotion until the wee hours made me feel like I was living in a dorm.  And I am, very thankfully, so past that.


  1. Your last point gave me a chuckle, 8. Yes, yes, yes to the friends and all that, but the glorious quiet when they go deserves a quiet 'hallelujah'.

    Is that picture at your lake? Or resembles your lake? It is gorgeous. And, yay for the good weather to enjoy it.

    Good luck with the big kitty. What's his name?

    1. The picture is from a friend's lake where we went for a hike.

      The cat's name is Maestro, but I call him Monstro because he is a whopping 20 pounds.

    2. Yesterday was Black Cat Day. I sooo want a black cat.


    3. I've got a 20 pounder too. But, he is a lover. An older cat who is so thankful to be out of the shelter. He is bigger than the dog!

  2. Haha...I'm having a good chuckle over here imaging your house as a dorm! Bring on the fun times!

    1. At 2 in the morning I had a drunk girl wake me to ask "If you were a cider donut, where would you be?"

      I am still trying to make up all the lost sleep : )

  3. Love that photo. And that Autumn can (and does) look like that.

    Whirling dervishes (aka 'girlfriends') great when they arrive, wonderful when they leave.

    Big boy. Wow. Love that he's coming around. Good luck on the next steps.