Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Full of Grace

I usually write these posts on Monday night.  But last night both my daughters were home and we sat outside chatting which seemed infinitely more gratifying than being in front of a computer.   So instead of a list of things or events this week, I am most especially grateful for my two daughters, who constantly remind me of why my life is so beautiful.  

And then, of course, the trailer for "Carol" was released.

Oh be still my heart.


  1. Time with the daughters beats just about everything!

    And then there's Cate....lol.

  2. Yummy: chats with daughters.

    Yummy pas deux: Cate. Carol. Film. :-)

  3. Definitely important to spend time with those beautiful girls of yours!

  4. Absolutely a better way to spend your time!

    The movie looks intriguing - it's on my list now.