Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Full of Grace

  • A dog who greets me with ‘over the top’ happy enthusiasm when I returned from a week’s vacation.  Of course, she greets me that way after I just go out to get the mail too.

  • Peanut butter salt water taffy.  
  • Books that come with built-in book marks.  Why aren’t all books made like this?  Such a simple but incredibly useful thing.

  • Filling my soul up to the brim with a breathtaking Van Gogh art show and being able to share it with the amazing illustr8d.

  • Waking to the sound, and delicious smell, of a much needed rain.  


  1. Love your list, 8!
    Dogs, yes. That's why we love them -- they are the embodiment of unconditional love.
    Salt water taffy is something I don't eat much of but, peanut butter?!? Great flavor!
    Built in book marks. Such a wonderful thing! Can't get lost!
    How great to see the Van Gogh exhibit, and in company with an artist!
    Rain. I'll confess that I'm a tiny bit jealous there! I'm so tired of summer!

    Thanks for raising my spirits with a list of 'ordinary' things from which you draw joy.

  2. Van Gogh was amazing. Wonderful to see together. (Although, e, I don't know that it's good to see it with an artist!) Thank you for such a great day.
    I cannot understand why there aren't lovely ribbons in all our books. And I especially like when there are two!

  3. Love.
    And Jealous
    But, so glad y'all hung out with a wonderful Monet. :-)

  4. I love dogs as well, they are so genuine. I spent four days with a six year old boy who in my opinion is ignored and abused, he loved my bookmark, called it a spacer. Thanks for reminding. I shall have to pick one up for him.