Friday, July 3, 2015

Veteran PTSD

I met a veteran in group therapy who literally goes underground to avoid the 4th of July fireworks.

Please be considerate and have a safe holiday.


  1. I would be fine with a holiday without fireworks, especially the early birds. (Last night was bomb-bastic)

    I am in the minority there. Quelle surprise!

    Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend.

  2. As I am best of friends with Smokey the Bear and hyper about fire, I am not a fireworks setter-offer. But this is a good reason not to as well. Those poor guys and gals. Rough.

  3. I spent a 4th of July with a Vietnam vet several years ago. Not pretty. As a fellow sufferer of PTSD, I had gallons of sympathy/empathy. We went home early and hid in the house. Seriously, even 40 years later this man was reacting. It's hell.

  4. I'd think the Fourth of July would be a good night to put on some white noise and take some ambien or valium and just get to the next morning. It would next to impossible to avoid fireworks if you were out and about. That must be very hard.