Thursday, July 23, 2015


Fifteen years ago our youngest daughter was begging for a cat of her own, even through we already had a dog and a cat. At the time Peachie collected pandas and wanted a black and white kitten. I started calling the shelters and finally found one. A person had left 7 kittens tied up in a bag on the side of the road, and only 2 of the kittens had survived. Of course we took them both - Lucy and Magic.

On Tuesday Lucy passed away very suddenly.  In the afternoon we noticed that she would walk a little and then lay down.  Walk a little and then lay down.  When she did not come out when dinner was served I went looking for her and found her lying rather limp under our bed.  She would occasionally mew but did not sound like she was in any distress.  We wrapped her in a towel and immediately took her to the vet. We called Peachie who was at work and she asked that we not do anything until she could get there. Unfortunately the vet said that her belly was filling with blood (most likely a ruptured tumor) and that she didn't have long.  I made the decision to end it quickly and held that little fur ball while the vet gave her her last shots.  

The office was closing but the vet said she would stay until Peachie and Beaner could get there. (It is such a luxury to be good friends with your vet)  She put us in the "grieving room" and wrapped Lucy in a warm, soft blanket and placed a little bouquet of flowers next to her. The girls finally arrived and there were lots and lots of tears.  

We are all still struggling with tears that ebb and flow with each passing memory. It is a good thing for rescue animals to find homes where they are so loved.  And it is a wonderful thing to have 15 years of soft and fluffy memories from a companion who asked nothing in return except an occasional scratch under her chin..

So here's to Lucy:

- the softest, silkiest animal I ever had the pleasure of petting
- who loved to carry socks up from the laundry room and leave them randomly throughout the house
- who was the best mouser I've ever lived with
- who was a gentle caretaker to both her sister Magic and her dog Misha
- who's love got Peachie thru boyfriend breakups, sports' heart breaks and the transitions of       elementary to middle to high school to college.
- who loved to be spooned
- who didn't mind me burying my face in her fur and would lick my eyelids when I was sad.
- who passed quickly and without suffering thereby sparing me the agony of having to witness that.

I like to think that she is now with my mother who liked nothing better than to rub Lucy's long haired mushy belly.  

She will be greatly missed.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry. The loss of a beloved pet is so hard. I remember her as being very sweet and that she would always want to sit on Karen's lap, the one who was so allergic to cats!

  2. To Lucky and the wonderful, loving life she lived with you and your family. I doubt there ever was a luckier rescue cat.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Pets enrich our lives in so many ways. I'm sure your memories of her will warm your heart always.

  4. She was beautiful. I live with a dirt bag whom I would miss deeply if anything happened to her. I'm thankful she didn't suffer. Too bad we can't be so kind to our own kind.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that, but how lucky for her to have found a family in you guys.

  6. You all gave her a good life and she gave it right back. May Lucy rest in bliss filled peace.

  7. Those of us who spend our lives cleaning up or living with messes caused by other people, and I include poor mistreated and neglected animals in this, have a very special bond with those we help. I am very sorry for your loss but so thankful that Lucy was given a good life by loving people.
    Although I don't share C.S.Lewis' faith, I love one of his stories in which, when a woman dies and goes to Heaven she is watched by a stranger who askes his angel guide, "who are all those people and that long string of animals coming to greet her?" The angel replies, "Those are all the people and animals she helped and loved during her life. Because of her love they are all here with her in Heaven".

  8. What Middle Girl said.

    Hugs to your family, 8. It's hard to say goodbye to family members. Furry or smooth.

  9. She looks amazingly like Bing's cat when we first moved in together officially. Her name was Baby Cakes and her favorite place to sleep was between my legs at night. She would steathily crawl under the covers at night and find her way to my "place." I HATED this because I slept naked and would wake up with this hot ball of fur between my legs! She was hit by a car when she darted outside when we were bringing groceries inside on a rainy Summer day. She was a good mouser, too. I'm sorry for your loss.

  10. AnonymousJuly 31, 2015

    Looks like she had a wonderful life. Our cat is 18-19 years old - she is a craggy soul - but she still loves to be near us and cuddle. So sorry for your loss...

  11. i am so sad to read this. how beautiful lucy is.

    there is something about the love for an animal that reaches in and get right to the core of where love resides.