Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Full of Grace

  1. All the kitchen cabinets in and are level.  It took two packages of shims to compensate for the very uneven floor and the crooked house but when the granite guy came to take measurements for the counter he declared them perfectly level.  And now we a wait a couple of weeks for the counter (which I am not installing)  and then we will finally have a sink and dishwasher again.

I will post pictures when the counters are in. Right now everything looks odd without the counter top or floor.

  1. I do not live in Buffalo.   I once lived in this “lake effect” snow belt, but no longer.  And I am ever so grateful.

My claustrophobic self has difficulty even looking at this picture.  I don't know where/how you could even start to shovel out.

  1. Peachie is home for the holiday.  I love having both my daughters home at the same time, to see them with their heads together sharing sister secrets, and most especially seeing them both snuggled together in bed.  Although they have their own rooms, they like to sleep together when they are both home.  

  1. And so many of their friends (many since elementary school) are also home.  They are stopping by, or I see them at the gym or grocery store.  I miss having them always around but love hearing about what they are up to now.  They are all  healthy and becoming very productive citizens, travelling and volunteering and adding their talents to the world.  Such a good thing.

  1. Surviving Martha’s birthday.  I am traditionally her slave for the day and when it falls on a weekend like this year, it can be brutal.  But I survived.  And going out to brunch for Nutella bourbon french toast was a nice perk.

I wish all a lovely Thanksgiving and hope that you are able to appreciate and enjoy the blessings in your life.


  1. Buffalo. Whoa.
    Progress. Yes!
    And the rest, lovely

  2. Nice job on the leveling! Impressive. I live in an old house and believe me, I know about slanting floors...

    Daughters and friends: so wonderful. I miss that energy!

    The birthday. Yeah, it was a rough month!

    One more thing... I didn't even recognize that as SNOW when I first glanced at the picture! I thought it was a door blank for your construction project! Then the realization hit me... Holy Whatever! No way, just, no. Ever.

    Happy Thankfulness, dear 8.

  3. I feel the same way when I watch my sons huddled together.

    Good news on the kitchen - you are closing in on the end, it sounds like.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I can only imagine the amount of patience needed to make the cabinets level :). I too had to do a double take on the door of snow... Good grief - that is a lot of snow. My girls always sleep in the same room as well - it just makes me happy. Happy birthday to Martha!