Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Full of Grace

So much to be grateful for this week, but heading the list was Beaner’s college graduation.  Of course, I wasn’t so grateful that someone thought it would be a good idea to have graduation on Memorial Day weekend, but I’m over it now.

1.  That Beaner has made such good friends.  The 10 girls in her freshman dorm are still the same 10 girls she has lived with for all 4 years.  They all graduated with some kind of academic honors. They all were heavily involved with community service and leadership programs.   They are all remarkable young women.  They have watched over and supported each other through sickness and bad boyfriends and all-nighters and spring breaks and hangovers.   I am so thankful she has had these women in her life.  I hope she always will.

2.  That these 10 women arranged a beautiful dinner for all the families the night before graduation. They presented a slide show of their years at college and wrote a poem about their shared memories.  I don’t remember it all but it ended something like this:

We are grateful for all the memories we have made
And for all our parents . . . who paid.

Although it was a little too many people in one room and way too much commotion for me, I was quite touched that these women, while their other friends were out partying, wanted their families to celebrate and be together.   If they have learned nothing else in college except the value of friends and family, I think the money has been well spent.

3.  That the forecast was for heavy rain and yet that morning the sun broke through and it was a beautiful day.  I can't imagine the mess it would have been for this outdoor ceremony.

4.  That Beaner’s boyfriend flew up from Florida to see her graduate.  But I was really happy he was there on Sunday when we drove back down with a U-Haul to pack her up.  Martha’s nephew came along also so we had a couple of young men to do the heavy hauling.   We, being able bodied women, could have managed it, but sometimes it’s just nice to have younger, stronger backs do the heavy lifting.   

5. That I was able to give Beaner a graduation card from my mother.  Before she died my mom gave me cards and gifts for my daughters' 21st birthdays, their graduations, and their weddings.   She wanted to make sure that my children got everything her older grandchildren had received.

All in all, a week filled with love and pride and tears. Lots and lots of tears.


  1. Congratulations! She looks so grown up and happy in all her pictures.

    One down, one to go. Good job moms!

  2. AnonymousMay 27, 2014

    How awesome! Sounds like it was a great weekend. That is so nice that they did that dinner. I just can't believe they are done with college - seems like yesterday I was the one graduating... It is funny how our daughter couldn't wait to not have the "walls" of college and now she misses them. We know she will get through - but it will take a while. Congratulations to all of you!

  3. That last part about your mother's cards: how incredibly touching . You know, 8, main character in my one published book did that for her two children. I would want to do that too.

    10 friends who've stayed together: that is very wonderful . My Jess has kept her friends also. Not me. But as I age I know how precious my friends are


  4. This whole thing made me tear up...