Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Full of Grace

1. Date nights return.  This week - a picnic in the park.  

2. A weekend with no daughters, no boyfriends, no babies, no obligations, no place we had to be.   It felt exactly what a weekend should be.

3. Survived giving the dog a bath which is always a battle of wills.

4. Weekend project - cleaning out the shed.  Disturbed a nest of bees.  Got stung 7 times.  Very thankful not to be allergic and grateful for Benadryl.

5. Blueberry muffin bread.   I’m not sure what was better - the bread or how great it made the house smell.


  1. A picnic in the park date sounds lovely although the bees sound nasty!

    I love how intentionally you live your life - from your relationships to the smell of bread - you always have such a deep appreciation of how precious everyday simple pleasures are. I am always grateful to receive my weekly lesson/reminder from these posts.

  2. That's why I write these posts. I need reminding too!

  3. Oooh, picnics in the park sound lovely, although it's VERY chilly here. Yikes - I'd have to bring tea and LOTS of blankets. That might not be a bad thing tho....

    Sounds like a lovely weekend and I would love a piece of blueberry muffin bread. Yum!

  4. Feels good to clean out things doesn't it? We finally got both cars in the garage! Giving the dogs a bath is always a chore. Especially when they use the bushes to scratch their backs when they are done. Only one of the three actually sits and enjoys it - the other one bites at the water and the third is a wimp...

  5. Dang it...dog. bath. forgotten. Hi-ever, did have blueberry pancakes on Sunday. Lovely. Yum.

  6. We gave up attempting to give our dog a bath a very long time ago. Now, we splurge and take him to the groomers to be bathed and tidied up once a month. Of course, he is a Scottish Terrier and begins to look untidy after a couple of weeks. He is also incredibly stubborn, but foolish minded over bologna, so we bribe him with it to get into his carrier to take him to the groomers. He always comes home with a jaunty little kerchief around his neck. This lasts exactly ten minutes before he rolls around vigorously and gets it off or one of us takes pity on his miserable expression and takes it off for him.