Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full of Grace

1. Coming home from an extremely exhausting and challenging week at work, calling a bowl of ice cream dinner, falling into bed at 6:30, and not waking until 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning.   Heavenly and much needed rest.

2. The Goldenrod has bloomed.  A gentle reminder (where I live) that summer is coming to a close and to go out and thoroughly enjoy it.

3. Steamed lobster, corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, watermelon and tomatoes fresh from the garden.  Ice cream for dessert.   I love summer food!

4. Frequent visits from my mom in my dreams.  I'm not sure what that means, but I am enjoying the time I get to spend with her in the land of nod.

5. A new grand niece.  That makes four grand nieces/nephews in the last 12 months.  And three of them are local so we get to have babies a lot.   What is it about babies that makes them smell so good ?


  1. The goldenrod has bloomed. A not so gentle reminder to me that the allergy season has started.

    1. I'm sorry I mentioned it : )

  2. I am sorry your work has been so stressful but glad you have gotten some rest. It is so very important.

    For a short time I lived near the ocean and was occasionally invited to clam bakes. They are some of my favorites memories - all those summer smells blended into one delicious aroma. Yum.

    And yes, babies smell yummy too!

    1. I never liked clams, but oh yes, when they open that pit and all those flavors come pouring out . . . There is something very special about the smells of summer. Of course I say that about the fall leaves and apples, and Christmas cookies baking, and fresh cut grass in spring : )

  3. Enjoying summer ~ that seems like something that you are exceptionally good at! I'm glad you are making the most of it.

    I'm happy for you (but a little jealous) that you get to have so many dreams about your mom. Does it feel like being in her presence? That's how it has felt to me the few times I have dreamed about my mom. I don't know what she is doing on the other side, but I need much more night visits from mine!

    Enjoy those lobsters (!), tomatoes, and corn on the cob while you can! Lobsters! Really?! New England... so very different from the PNW.


    1. Well, I am glad to be exceptionally good at something!

      My dreams are very commonplace - sitting with her having a conversation, laying my head on her lap and having her stroke my hair, that kind of stuff. Lately I've been having a lot of things going on that I would ordinarily pick up the phone and chat with her about. I am in need of mom advice so perhaps that's why I am dreaming of her.

      You don't have lobster ?!?!?!? First, the constant rain, and now, no lobster! I am beginning to rethink my future travel plans.

  4. Haven't had much in the way of summertime (fun) here, but so glad to hear / read of yours. Yum. And all the babies? YaY!

  5. This was a beautiful post.

    I never liked clams until late last year when I suddenly have this overwhelming urge to eat them at every possible turn. I adore them and have made up for lost time this summer!

    And lobster - my early love for lobster was a very good indicator that I would indeed find my way to somewhere very near an ocean where I could get them in abundance. NY isn't exactly Maine, but still, lobsters are commonplace enough in summer that I get to eat my fill of them regularly.