Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Full of Grace

1.  Finally feeling well enough for a romantic vacation to New Orleans - our first vacation without kids in 21 years.   Oh yeah.  THAT kind of romantic.

2. Beignets and cafe au lait.  Every day.  And bread pudding and pralines and sweet potato casseroles and barbeque shrimp and wow, I need to lose a few pounds.  With a special thanks to Grandmere Mimi for her exceptional local advice and restaurant recommendations.

3.  Walt Disney, Frederick Law Olmsed and John Muir whose visionary ideas for development, landscape design and open space preservation formed the foundations of my planning education and made me fall in love with my career.

4.  Today is free Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone day!  Oh yes, I will be there.

5.  My first attempts at growing plants from seed in my basement.   Watching each plant spring gently from the soil made me absolutely giddy.    Another couple of weeks and I should be able to transplant outside.   I've already told Martha that I'm going to need MUCH more space next year.


  1. These always make my day - your happy is contagious!

  2. How lovely that you were able to enjoy a vacation with romance and wonderful foods.

    I am going to email you with questions about starting plants indoors. They look amazing?

    Your Full of Grace posts are so joyful! I am so happy they have returned!

  3. So, so happy for you!

    Wow! The French Quarter -- that's a bucket list destination for sure. Made my mouth water thinking about all the deliciousness. And, yay for romance!

    I am super impressed by your basement grow operation! That is an amazing output! I've never had starts turn out that well... good for you! Your yard is going to look beautiful real soon.

    So, so very nice to have you back, my friend.