Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Full of Grace

1. Knowing that we missed a Broadway road production of The Jersey Boys while I was with my mom, my colleagues at work chipped in and got us new tickets.

2. And they got tickets for a night I usually have to attend a really boring meeting. And now I don’t have to go. Doubling the pleasure.

3. Peachie home for a whole week of cuddling and girl talk.

4. Our neighborhood ice cream store open for the season.   We all went to celebrate.

5. Getting through the first Sunday of my life that I didn’t talk to my mom.


  1. Sending hugs. And more ice cream for the dog.

  2. Crying and smiling at the same time....

    I love that you got your dog ice cream.

    I love that there are good people in the world who will do kind and thoughtful things for their friends.

    To say "I'm sorry about your mom" sound so...inadequate...but it encompasses a world of feeling. Hugs to you...

  3. I know Broadway shows and ice cream don't touch the pain of #5, but you daughters and your friends will always be there to touch the love.

  4. It's hard to get used to...

    Love to you and all of yours.


  5. I am so with you, 8th, even if I am on the other side of everything. I so understand about your mom.

    I can't wait to live somewhere that ice cream stores are seasonal.

    Also I love the dog having a cone.

    Also I love the people you work with, they are obviously a caring and cool bunch.

    And know that I'm holding you and yours in my heart.