Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Full of Grace (a little late)

1.  Playing hooky to spend a shopping/lunch/movie day with Peachie.

2.  An incredible mastectomy massage  (didn't know there was such a thing)

3.  Being able to use my new boobs as stress balls. 

4.  Having both Beanie and Peachie home for 48 hours together.   And the turkey dinner Martha made to celebrate.  Apple pie.  Yum.

5.  Eating outside. In March!


  1. Your boobs as stress balls. That image will keep me laughing all day.

  2. Hahahahahaha! You are feeling yourself up!

    So glad to hear that you had the girls (both!) home. And some quality family time. Yay!

    Jealous about the eating outside... still winter in the PNW.

  3. Oh what wonderful smiles you have given me.
    I agree about the stress balls image...that one is a keeper....

    Glad your girls are home and you are doing nice things for yourselves.

    Isn't this crazy spring/summer weather in March amazing?

    Have a great day (and remember "Grace" is never late or early or anything else....its just awesome when it happens.