Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace

One of the many, many strategies I use for staying one step ahead of PTSD depression is gratitude. For surely, anyone who looks at my life now is envious of the love in my life and the many gifts the universe has given me. And so, as I come into the home stretch of therapy and dig deeper than I ever have, I am going to try to formalize the practice of gratitude to hopefully keep me from falling too deep into a hole. I am a Tuesday’s child after all.

The things I have been particularly grateful for this week:

The irises have opened. These are planted in my memory garden and were separated from a group of irises that belonged to my closest friend’s partner who died of cancer a number of years back. They remind me that even when the person is gone, the love stays with us.Spending a three day weekend with my daughters at our lake house. No internet, no cell phone service, no distractions. We spent most of day 1 getting the place into shape - mowing through 8 inch grass, getting out the deck furniture, cleaning and making beds. But the rest of the weekend was sun bathing, listening to the oldies station, kayaking, planting flowers, playing cards and generally just enjoying our time together. Laughing. A lot of laughing. Which could have been the Mike’s hard lemonade they were drinking.

Baby ducks and geese. I love this time of year when all of nature is exploding with new life. It’s hard to see in this picture but those geese were the proud parents of 11 little goslings. They were still in that fuzzy stage that makes me smile.
Anti-itch cream. An entire army of bugs had a banquet on the back of my neck while kayaking.

My new favorite s’more - roasted marshmallows on Girl Scout thin mint cookies. Seriously. My friend introduced me to these when we went into the woods last weekend. Obsession is not a strong enough word for how I feel about them.


  1. Nothing like irises, fuzzy ducks, daughters, and marshmallows on thin mint cookies to scare the ugly away.

    I'll be right here as you're digging . . .

  2. Thanks for the picture. I transplanted my irises before I put the house up for sale and they are too much in shock to bloom. Hopefully next year.

  3. Gratitude is so very important! I like your idea of formalizing the practice. That will remind you to keep doing it!

    The irises are beautiful. What a lovely way to remember someone. I'm so happy for you that you spent the holiday weekend doing such good, fun, normal stuff. And with the girls!

    Baby ducks and geese... so cute! We are hearing baby robins in the rhododendron in the front yard, and keeping our indoor/outdoor cat strictly inside. She's mad.

    Those new-fangled smores sound pretty good... if only we had some left over girl scout cookies!


  4. Where do you get girl scout cookies this time of year? I seem to have finished mine sometime in February.