Monday, December 13, 2010

Puppy PSA

Saturday night we had a small party at our house. Peachie also invited a group of friends, although they stayed downstairs. For the most part, our dog was confined in a bedroom because otherwise she would go up to everyone with those pleading puppy dog eyes begging for food and licking everyone to death.

All the guests had left around 11:30, the dog and cats reclaimed their house, and Peachie went downstairs to clean up. She ran back up announcing that the dog had eaten an entire plate of brownies.

We vaguely remembered that chocolate is very bad for dogs but didn’t really have a sense of it. Fortunately our vet is also a friend of mine so I called his cell phone. I obviously woke him from a sound sleep and with huge apologies for the lateness of the hour, I explained what had happened. He calmly asked how many brownies? At least 8! What kind? With chocolate chips and chocolate frosting. (I’m not sure how those slipped by me) How long ago? About 10 or 15 minutes.

He explained that chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs.  He said the amount eaten for a 50 pound dog would not be deadly, but would certainly give the dog major gastro intestinal problems. But since she had just eaten them, we should try to make her throw up. And how would we do that? Make her drink some hydrogen peroxide. Really? He explained that it will make her gurgle and foam but will make her vomit. So we forced a couple of swigs down her throat and sure enough, not 30 seconds later, up came the brownies. Eight whole brownies. She hadn’t even chewed them.

So there you go. Don’t let your dog around any chocolate. But if they get into some, give them hydrogen peroxide. Who knew?


  1. I had a beagle/basset mix that ate a whole 1 lb hershey's bar that I got for Xmas.

    Vet said it was proportionate to body weight and he was safe... from the chocolate anyway.

    I wanted that dang chocolate!

    I also had a friend who bought a 7 layer chocolate cake for me for my birthday and her big ass pit ate half of it... besides diarrhea the bastard was safe.

    ....from the cake.

  2. Dogs and chocolate - I think they like it as much as we do!

    When she was young, my ancient dog did just what Tina's dog did. Ate a whole 1 lb chocolate bar, including the foil! It was an award that my daughter had won from her swim team. She was mad, the dog was fine. Heck, the dog is still fine and 15 years old.

  3. Oh that poor puppy!

    Glad it all came out alright : )

  4. I learned that trick years ago. It helps to have a syringe (no needle, of course) in the house to force it down.

    That's funny that she didn't even chew them! Glad all is okay....

  5. You must be losing your sense of smell if you didn't know that there were brownies in the house.