Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Infirmary

Wednesday night Beanie came home for her mid-term break. Thursday she looked like crap. Friday the doctor said she had mono.

On Friday Peachie said she was feeling crappy. Then she played in her field hockey game, in 42 degree weather in a cold, driving, drenching rain. Apparently an hour and a half of that was not enough for all of the teeth chattering, soaked to the bone players, the game went into over time. And to finalize the misery, they lost. Peachie now has a full blown head and chest cold.

On Thursday Martha was informed that there are 3 cases of whooping cough in her school. She works with two of these children very closely. On Friday the doctor put her on a five day course of intense antibiotics, just in case. We have to wait and hope that she didn’t catch it. Meanwhile, we are not supposed to exchange any body fluids. What?

Saturday morning while bringing in groceries, I slid on some wet leaves and wrenched my knee. It has blown up the size of a grapefruit. My athletic family tells me I have most likely torn my MCL. It will require a doctor’s appointment. Damn.

All day Saturday we sat around in various stages of misery. Beanie can barely stay awake and has a sore throat. Peachie just keeps blowing her nose. I sat with my leg elevated with an ice pack on the knee. Martha is just generally run down and worried about getting seriously sick.

Still its nice to have everyone home together - even if it looks like an infirmary.

This too shall pass.


  1. feel better soon 8th day family. :)

  2. Holy crap! I think I need to send (a picture of) chicken soup - 4 bowls!

    I really hope you're all doing at least a little better today or are fully stocked up on meds. Please keep that leg elevated at least.


  3. Blimey Missus, that sure is a lot of poorly people all in one place that isnt a hospital. I hope you all feel better soon.

  4. Oh dear! Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do.

  5. If everyone didn't feel lousy, it would be comical! It's great to have the family together, but not like this!!!

  6. Sheesh! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  7. Oh my! Here's wishing you all speedy recoveries... though mono is hard to kick, poor thing :(