Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doctor Hopping

In the last two weeks I have been squeezing work in between medical appointments. Every day I have had an appointment for something.

Dentist for a cleaning. Bad tooth. One day for a crown prep. And then back for the final crown.

Mammogram. Called back for an ultrasound. Something not quite right so back to Sloan Kettering for more study. (Not new cancer. I am just a lab rat)

Went to the family doctor about the hurting knee. He referred me to an orthopedic who thinks I tore my meniscus and will likely require surgery. MRI next week to determine degree of damage. Then back to ortho to determine next step.

Today is the only day on my calendar that I don’t have a doctor’s appointment but I am picking Beanie up to get her to the doctor for a follow up blood test for her mono.


There is nothing life threatening here. I just really hate all things medical.

End of rant.


  1. Be thankful you are still taking your children to medical appointments and not the other way around. It won't be long now . . .

  2. Yuck. I feel you. T has been in your shoes of late but a different set of doctors. And, I generally have to go with her because she never remembers to ask the questions and never remembers what the damned doctor said.

    Working in health care, I hate to go to the doctor.

    And ren~ knock it off! We know it's coming!

  3. Honey, I hear you! As a current member of the Sandwich Generation-and as one who is ferrying my kids, my grandmother, and myself to weekly doctor/dentist/therapist appointments--I am ready to get off the Medical Merry-go-Round.

    Hope it all gets better for you soon!


  4. I don't like that the injury may require surgery. I hope the MRI shows it to be better than expected. Try to stay off of it as much as possible so that it heals a bit.

  5. Sloan Kettering is big guns. I hope everything is okay.

    Praying for improved health all around.

  6. Well, statistically, the more of them you get out of the way now, the less you'll have in the future, no?

  7. I feel like I'm always heading to the doctor for checkups and whatnot.

    Hope it all gets better soon!