Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Full of Grace

After critters ate my entire first planting of green beans, the second crop is now ready for harvest.

Today's pickings

Visited Peachie in Boston where we went kayaking in the Charles River.  Very cool. We’ve decided that every trip should include a kayaking adventure.  

All the pink sailboats in the background were a kid's camp learning to sail.

Toured the inspirational Kennedy Museum and Library. I was not a big fan of the man, but greatly admired his politics.   

Back in the car for a quick visit to see my sister and family and finding a new route thereby avoiding all the Yankee Stadium traffic.

Had my yearly physical and was determined to be in pretty good shape. Cholesterol down, weight down, height steady and EKG strong.  Except for the increasingly irritating arthritis and possible reflux issues, I feel great.  I am hoping to make it to October which will mark the first whole year without a surgery in the last 5 years. Fingers crossed.

Good health is something I no longer take for granted and so I am particularly grateful today to still be able to enjoy friends, family and the great outdoors.


  1. I agree about the kayaking! Looks Awesome! as do your veggies! We have one zucchini so far! Not bad for what we planted!

    Here is to October!

    1. Last year I had 0 zucchini. This year I've had 12 and the two plants are still producing. Last year I was over run with tomatoes, this year so-so. I will understand the mysteries of gardening.

  2. Happy you have some beans.
    Kayaking looks fun, but . . Yay for you and Peachie.
    Very cool poster.
    Absolutely yay for,"pretty good shape" and may the remaining weeks of summer and early fall pass without surgical incident.

    1. Kayaking - don't knock it til you've tried it : )

    2. Fair point. But, me in a craft, very low (close) to the water has all the markings of a big ole oops. ;-)

  3. Oh, my goodness, your garden harvest looks great! Well done with the second planting of beans!
    Did you take kayaks with you on the visit, or rent/borrow them there? I have a mental picture of you in a subaru with kayaks on the roof tooling up and down the Eastern Seaboard!
    'Pretty good shape'. That sounds really good! And, the first time in 5 years without a surgery is something to celebrate, for sure!
    Such a positive post! Thanks for sharing the good, 8.

    1. We rented the kayaks. I don't think I could lift my kayak to the top of my car anymore but I can throw it through the back window. As I age I am thinking about getting a smaller, easier to lift kayak. And possibly one that has a seat that will gently lift me out and place me safely on shore : )

  4. October - you can do it!

    I'm impressed by the harvest. I have had problems with the squirrels going after everything I've planted.