Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Full of Grace

  • After a week of very healthy eating and exercise, feeling good and dropping a few pounds.

I don't expect this rate to continue every week but hopefully it will reboot me into more mindful activities
  • Peaches still on the tree.  This is the largest they have ever been without them disappearing overnight.  I am beginning to get hopeful.

  • Everyone coming to the lake for the 4th of July weekend.  It’s always nice to be all together.

  • Answering an open request, Beaner and I were interviewed and gave a statement for this case. The Court got one right and we are thrilled to have been a tiny part of it.

  • Sold my first item on Craig’s List.  For those of you who are aware of my spouse’s borderline hoarding personality this was a big deal.  Plus $50 went into the 'going out to eat' fund.  I hope it is the beginning of some major decluttering efforts.


  1. Yay on the birth certificate decision!

    I'm hoping to get a fig or two this year. No sign yet.

  2. What an uplifting post! I'm in awe of you selling on Craig's list. I wish I could get the energy to have a yard sale. Maybe next year.

  3. Yay on moving and making other healthful choices.

    Love the peaches. Keeping hope alive.

    Woot. Woot. Happy 4th!

    Finally, good news from the guvment. :-)
    Seriously, fantastic news.

    Wheee baby steps. Congrats.

  4. All good stuff, 8! Seriously good!
    Your fitbit stats are impressive! Maybe you don't do that every week, but wow! Good for you!
    Oh, those peaches! I sure hope you manage to harvest some! And, yes, I would love to come over and help you pick, process and can them for winter... But, fresh eating off the tree is sublime. Truly sublime. Peaches are like a gift from the Creator.
    Craigslist. Wow! So pleased and astounded that it really happened! Yay!
    Oh.Em.Gee on the Supreme Court decision. So proud of you and the Beaner!
    And, finally, enjoy the long weekend at the Lake. With your family and close friends around, how could it be anything but wonderful? Cheers!

  5. good for you on the activity and cleaning up! i need to continue both. it seems each project i start makes a bigger mess and takes way more time than it should. happy 4th to you (a day late):)!