Thursday, October 13, 2016

Full of Grace

Peachie came home the weekend before my surgery and stayed for a few days to help care for me. She is such a good kid.

So once again we were all together for our traditional apple picking and fall foliage hike. I love traditions and I’m happy to hold on to them for yet another year. I know it won’t last forever.

Photo Oct 09, 9 49 24 AM.jpg

Photo Oct 09, 11 06 36 AM.jpg

Because a frost was coming everyone helped me close up the vegetable garden. What usually takes me days only took hours. This was the last of the harvest.  

Photo Oct 09, 8 57 59 PM.jpg

Surgery went well enough. Like trauma exposure therapy, I think I’ve now had so many surgeries that I have learned how to deal with it.  Anesthesia is still hard for me but I’ve learned how to cope with the anxiety of it and how to reduce most of the ill effects.

When my sister had her gallbladder removed some 20 years ago it was a 5 hour surgery. She had to stay in the hospital for 8 days, has a 10 inch scar down her torso and contends that it was the most physically painful experience of her life.  By contrast, my surgery was at 8:30 am, was about 45 minutes, I have 4 small incisions in my belly held together with steri strips, and I was home the same day at about 2:00.  I am both grateful and amazed at the advances in medical procedures.


  1. Dear 8, I'm so glad to read how much better you are managing the anesthesia and surgery. Yes, you certainly have had plenty of exposure lately. I'm holding the hope that you don't have to have another! And, yes, isn't amazing how much medicine has changed in just 20 years.

    Love the pictures! That apple is huge! Your garden was certainly productive this year. Nice to get some help with the buttoning up.

    I look forward to the day when I can join you on a fall foliage hike. I know it will be glorious!


  2. I cannot tell you how glad I am to hear that this went well. This seems like plenty for awhile, tho!

    Those pictures are beautiful. That garden haul looks delicious!

  3. Glad the surgery went well AND is now over. That photo of the fall foliage and hills made me wildly jealous and now I am missing NYS like crazy.

  4. The news about the surgery is really good. I'm so happy it's getting easier (although I wish you'd stop having to have surgeries, my friend.)

    So glad you had help with the garden, hours sounds good to me!

  5. So glad the surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery! We were commenting this morning that the leaves have not yet begun to fall or turn here. Going to be raking and shoveling in short order :). It is amazing what they can do now surgically and how fast you can recover.

  6. Congratulations on the bountiful harvest.

    Great pictures.