Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Full of Grace - Adele

Way back in January I was one of the few people lucky enough to snag tickets from TicketMaster to see Adele on tour.  My kids thought I was a rock star.  Having grown up with rich friends who always had more than they did, they got to feel a little bit special because none of their friends were able to get tickets. I know - not very gracious of me - but still . . .

Since the time I got the tickets my daughters have moved away from home. So on concert day my family all came in from different cities, on different, multitude modes of transport, and all arrived and met in our NYC hotel within a half an hour of each other. Miraculous.

Dinner together in a fine Irish pub.  I realize now that they are adults, how seldom getting together like this will happen.  What a joy to sit and enjoy great food, music and laughter, all together in my favorite city .


Seeing Adele sing live. She is an amazing performer. No fancy sets. No dancers. No distracting high tech gizmos. Just this one woman with an amazing voice and a huge graciousness toward her fans. As she explained “I have 2 upbeat songs which I will sing first. And then we will get to the sad ballads and all cry together because that’s what you’ve come out for, right?”  She also admitted that she has been in a happy relationship now for 5 years and it is a bit bizarre to keep singing about an old boyfriend. Yes, very gracious to her fans.

Mostly I am very grateful for the gift of music. My oldest daughter went through a very hard break up last year.  Adele’s music reflected all her feelings, and helped her get through a very difficult time.  A co-worker shared with me that she and her mother often sang the song “When We Were Young” just before her mother passed and what the song means to her now.  Music does that.  It can help me through sad times or help magnify happy times or push me through boring workouts or fill me with tears of joy or open doors to both beautiful and painful memories past.  Music is amazing.  And sharing live music with your favorite people is an extraordinarily beautiful experience.  I will never again hear an Adele song and not think of being in the Garden, holding hands with my daughters, and crying, and laughing that we were crying. Together.  Beautiful memories.


  1. This is so outstandingly awesome! I may be a tiny bit jealous, a smidgen envious, because we were among the multitude of disappointed fans who didn't get a ticket.
    But, seriously, I'm not jealous at all. I am happy for you and Martha and the girls. How amazing that you were all able to be there together! Laughing and crying, and enjoying being in each others company. That is so perfect.

  2. Music is such a powerful force. We don't often realize it since it's such a ubiquitous part of our life, but it really is special and can help heal so many wounds and bring back such good memories. What a great thing that you all were able to go together!

  3. That is awesome. Sounds like a wonderful time. I gave my granddaughter my phone with my playlist on it and we danced and danced - she would hit buttons and the music would go away and she would say "uh oh" and hit another button and the music would come back and we would dance again... Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  4. Adele in NYC with your children. It doesn't get much better than that!

  5. Oh mah goodness. I love this. So thrilled for you all.

  6. Wow - what a special, special moment and memory that you all shared. How precious. How important. And you have probably heard, Adele is going to be stepping back to focus on her family soon - so you got to hear her live while that was still possible.

    I was glad to hear about her decision. Good for her for taking care of her priorities. Of course, she has the means to do so - but also, she has the self-worth to feel okay about doing so.

    So may we all!

  7. i have to tell you i am so envious. i love adele. i don't know why i didn't try my earnest to get tickets but i've been soaking up all i can from clips of her concerts. i am so glad you have this memory.

    and her songs. 'when we were young' is a favorite. and 'someone like you.' i cry….

    your pal

  8. At last I can get back onto the internet and begin to catch up. And what a glorious post to start with, thank you for sharing such a special time.