Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Full of Grace - Color My World

  • My local university basketball team will not start their season by going to play the Duke blue devils because of North Carolina’s draconian discrimination laws. This was an annual game that brought national recognition to our small college program and I am proud that they will forgo the prestige to support the rainbow of genders and sexuality.

  • I have green beans! I plant a lot of beans in successive rows, but last year, every single row I planted was eaten by some critters as soon as the plants were an inch tall. Every single bean plant disappeared as if it had never been planted. This year, every row is producing beautifully.  

  • Peachie went deep sea fishing and brought me home a filet of blue fish she had caught. It is one of my favorite fishes, but has become unavailable as commercial over-fishing depleted their population. I cut it into small portions and have been savoring it nightly, broiled with a lemon garlic aioli. Yum.

She also caught this and I am equally grateful that she didn’t bring this one home.

  • This is now blooming in my memory garden. It came from my former therapist’s garden and I look forward to it’s purple plumage every year. I'd like to think that Lauren knows how thankful I am for all she did for me.

  • Another absolutely stunning sky at the lake. Even the old timers have been commenting that they can’t remember a year with such beautiful sunsets as we have had this year.


  1. True colors shining through. . .

    beautiful, like a rainbow.

  2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2016

    These are all so lovely, 8. (Hope the shark went back in the sea. Yikes.)

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2016

    beautiful sunset and yum on the beans - will pass on the fish :)

    we have a memory bed in the front of our house too - and it is in full bloom - makes your heart full

  4. The sunsets have been particularly gorgeous this year! Yay for beans and blooms and blue fish...!

  5. I hope all the boycotting of NC forces a change.

    I had a patient once ask about a plant I had in my office so I made cuttings, rooted them and gave them to her. Every once in a while sh e mentions their progress. I like the idea of that plant connection.

  6. What a satisfying post! This summer is coming up roses for you, 8. :-)

  7. indeed a satisfying post. reading it, i was thinking of how healthy you are.

    you are, you know…


  8. AnonymousJuly 29, 2016