Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Full of Grace

A few snapshots around my yard today.
(Sorry for the blurriness.  I suck at phone photography)

I do not believe in the God I learned about in Sunday School
but its hard not to believe in something very magical in the universe come spring time.

If this is happening in one small yard in zone 5, imagine what is happening all over the world!

And then there is this peach tree I just planted.
I had no idea peaches would grow in the northern climate  (thanks KJ)
Now I go out and rub their little baby fuzziness everyday.


  1. Beautiful. Nature is a wonder. No doubt.

  2. How very satisfying and restorative the garden can be!
    I can almost smell the flowers...

  3. In my opinion (and it's just mine), a belief in a god isn't necessary to revel in the glory of rebirth every spring.

  4. Love the new growth of spring - all the blossoming flowers. Trimming the overgrown bushes - which should have been done a couple months ago - not so much :)