Monday, September 19, 2011

Full of Grace

I was in New York City for a long weekend:

- going to the urban design week conference and having my brain pinging with wonderful new ideas and challenges.

- spending time with my sister, niece and my nephew’s new fiancĂ© who is just adorable (and knows more lesbian jokes than anyone I know)

- delicious dinner at The Strip House. Naked ladies, great food.

- seeing The Book of Mormon and laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.

- riding a bike 15 miles from Central Park in Manhattan, over the Brooklyn Bridge to Prospect Park. (I am used to biking back country roads, this was quite the adrenalin rush.)

A weekend of intellectual stimulation, emotional connection, gastronomical delights, humor and physical exhilaration. It was also a weekend without any PTSD symptoms or anxiety, and getting another glimpse of that clear, calm, free life.

The mountain is moving.


  1. Envious, jealous, drooling and ridiculously happy for you.

  2. The mountain is moving and I am smiling for you.

    How did you ever score Book of Mormon tickets???? I heard you had to give up your first born . . .

  3. Sounds like you had yourself a fantabulous time. Here's to many more!

  4. This whole post makes me happy!


  5. Woohoo! This is all so wonderful to hear!