Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Bullets

I have started quite a few blog posts in January and February, yet never found the time to finish them. Now it is March. So here is a summary of some of those posts and a quick catch up of what’s been going on in my life:

- I wangled an invitation to see President Obama speak locally. He is the first sitting president I’ve ever seen. It was required to show up at least 3 hours early to clear security and then wait and wait. But it was worth it. He is a very dynamic speaker and has quite a stage presence.

- I am team teaching a graduate course at the local university for the first time. I thought the idea of team teaching would lessen the time required to do the job. Not. This is the reason I have had no time for anything else. I don’t know how teachers do it. But I am enjoying the naive idealism of the students. Plenty of time for the political realities of the job to beat them down.

- Relationships needing a lot of work. Still patching.

- Empty nest preview. Peachie had the opportunity to go to Florida on her winter break. She was supposed to be gone for 6 days, but because of a northeast storm she wound up staying for 12. Martha and I alone together for 12 days. And it was good. Mostly, because, due to our other commitments, we still rarely see each other, which I think is the secret to our longevity. But we did redo our bathroom, manage one dinner out, one movie, and even a little “don’t have to be quiet” sex. We have worried about how we will make the transition from constant kid’s activities back to ‘just us’ and have begun to talk about it. I think it will be okay.

- Therapy. I returned to therapy in January bound and determined to overcome what felt like just one last major hurdle. Unfortunately, that got sidelined by needing to pick apart a series debilitating physical flashbacks, relationship setbacks and Daphne’s journal. Strangely, as painful as that journal has been to read, I also sense it is also going to be the thing allows me to stop grieving. I am beginning to feel a definite change for the better.

- And lastly, my mom has been quite ill and in a lot of pain. I am leaving to go visit with her for a few days while she has some exploratory surgery and tests. Any positive thoughts and prayers sent her way would be much appreciated.

I am so looking forward to spring.


  1. Prayers coming your way....

    Glad to see some real positives in that list. :-)


  2. Changes for the better all around.

    And give your mom big hugs from me.

  3. I did not know you saw the president speak - that is very, very cool.

    My best wishes for your mother's health to return quickly. I'm sorry she's been so ill.

  4. Wow, team teaching. That is usually a challenge in itself. I am smiling for you.

    I hope spring brings new hope and healing.

  5. So many children have to return to the nest because they simply cannot find jobs. Don't celebrate too soon.

    Your mother will be on the top of my prayer list.